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Developing Leadership Skills – By a conscious understanding of Self

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Leadership is a requirement in every aspect of life – personal life, workspace, society, politics etc.

The leadership roles most people aspire for, of course, are roles needing leadership skills in the workplace. The most visible ones amongst these are the ones at senior levels in business and social organisations; and in politics.

The successful leaders in these senior positions become role models. Many of us therefore aspire to and work towards reaching such leadership positions. But the truth is, not every one reaches there; and amongst those who do reach, not all deliver well in these roles.

The reason – lack of appropriate leadership skills.

Developing leadership skills, therefore, is an important part of one’s evolution as a professional.

What are the key requirements in leadership skills?

What does a leadership role entail; and why is it that some people seem so good at it compared to many others around them?

How does one go about developing leadership skills?

There are five fundamental steps that any leadership situation requires. These are

  1. Sensing the present and visualizing the scenario ahead.
  2. Setting clear objectives.
  3. Planning the key action points.
  4. Communicating effectively.
  5. Reviewing and taking subsequent actions.

To be able to handle any situation effectively by managing the above 5 steps, one needs a combination of subject matter understanding and certain personality traits.

Often, the situation may be totally new and therefore one may not have any subject matter understanding. Yet, a good leader will manage it well, thanks to leadership skills.

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