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Digital Marketing Mistakes That Make You Look Like a Newbie

By | Deborah Tayloe | Outreach Manager/Content Writer | Neevee  

Everyone starts off at the same place in their journey into professional digital marketing—a beginner! As the online space evolves speedily, it is impossible to start off from a place of expertise. By the time, one has mastered the art of Digital Marketing in the existing online space, the game totally changes

However, there are a few mistakes that are common to beginners in Digital Marketing. We have compiled a list of some of the rookie mistakes in this space so that you don’t have to repeat them. These are expensive mistakes to make and smaller businesses that rely heavily on Digital Marketing cannot afford to make them.

Not being mobile friendly

Most of the digital marketing budget blown up on the desktop website? Rookie mistake! Globally more than half the people use mobiles to browse company/ brand websites. They lose patience when the website doesn’t load on mobile and take their business straight to the competitor.

Building heavy websites or microsites with long loading time

The average human attention span is now down to 8 seconds. No matter how beautiful your website or campaign microsite, if it doesn’t load in a flash, you have lost the audience to you competition that has taken care of this one tiny thing.

Keep tracking your website, microsite and campaign landing page loading times. Compare with those of competition and always work on keeping your webpage loading time the lowest.

Spamming your email list subscribers

It is great that you have a huge list of folks who have subscribed to your email list. You might, however, just want to think it over before you hit send on your Daily Newsletter. Have you segmented your email subscribers? Go ahead and segment them. Send relevant emails to each segment. There are those who have signed up only for discounts/ freebies, share emails only on those topics with them and occasionally send them a newsletter update, perhaps once a month? There are those who have signed up for information and would love to be updated on a weekly basis about your brand. Share weekly newsletters with them. A great starting point to this exercise is asking your email list participants how often would they like to be contacted and what kind of content would they like to receive.

Not investing in blogging

Even if you have a great website, you still need a blog. A blog helps you establish credibility in your area of interest/ expertise. It helps disseminate information and subconsciously shapes the target audience’s perception of what is good and what is not in the category. Do you run a boutique chocolate confectionery business? You can use your blog to make readers desire single-origin cocoa products far more than the common mass produced chocolate goodies.

If you have a blog, you must keep it updated, promote posts and interact regularly in the comments section. This helps build credibility for you on the subject and improves your brand’s salience among the target audience.

On a final note about blogging, take advice from a successful digital marketer who owns the digital marketing firm Neevee. “Write for human readers. After all, they are the ones who have the credit cards in their wallets.”

Not investing in social media presence

A great website and a great digital marketing campaign can go without any impact if there is no investment in social media. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube investments are a must for every brand and digital marketing campaign. Smaller businesses can additionally exploit media like Pinterest and Instagram to boost the success of their digital marketing campaign.

Your target audience is on these platforms. By being absent or having only token presence on these platforms limits your opportunity to directly interact with your target audience.

Not exploiting guest post opportunities

You may wonder what a guest post on another blog has to do with your digital marketing plans. A guest post is an opportunity to interact with a whole new audience that possibly uses complementary products/services to the ones you offer. This opportunity can help promote your brand and website to this new audience that you are reaching out to. Guest posting timed rightly with heavy digital marketing campaigns can reap a high degree of success.

The Takeaway

As you start your career, refrain from these rookie mistakes that make you look like a newbie in Digital Marketing. You will be sure to achieve great success with your campaigns and in your career growth.

Author Bio: Deborah Tayloe is the Outreach Manager for Neevee. She is also an avid digital content writer and loves to blog to help new digital marketers learn the business. When she’s not writing content, Deborah loves to work on DIY projects around her home.


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