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Digital Quotient: Lodestar for Future Ready Talent

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No matter how they started, all organizations are now digital organizations. However, as they develop their digital capabilities, skills gaps quickly appear. In addition, skills are moving targets, as technology rapidly evolves. To understand where those gaps lie, organizations need to assess both enterprise and employee digital capabilities. They then need to find ways to address gaps that have the potential to limit a company’s success.

To address these gaps and to build the required capabilities of both enterprises and employees, companies should develop and measure the digital skills — or the digital quotient — of their employees. Organizations need to put learning at the core of talent development to close the digital skills gap.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and new capabilities

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is characterized by digital transformation in all industries and across societies. Keeping up with the latest technology is central to the success of every organization. Companies worldwide have recognized that adapting only their business and technology strategies is not enough — they need to build digital talent as part of building a digital organization.

Understanding what talent is necessary starts with awareness of the digital capabilities that the organization needs. Although the requirements vary by company, most successful organizations have common traits: They operate like digital natives; they are customer-centric, flexible, and agile; and they can leverage the broader business and technology ecosystem.

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