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Why digital transformation is a make-or-break proposition

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There is a growing global community of digital citizens — individuals who are always connected. These individuals are placing new and greater demands on the businesses with which they interact and keeping pace with those demands may well be a “make-or-break” situation, according to research conducted by Institute for the Future and Vanson Bourne on behalf of EMC.

“Twelve months ago, maybe 15 months ago at the earliest, we started to see different kinds of people come through our briefing center,” says Jeremy Burton, president, Products and Marketing, at EMC.

All of these people came with various questions revolving around the same fundamental theme, Burton says: the need to become a digital company

“Often it was not the IT guys that would come, certainly not the infrastructure guy,” Burton says. “Often it was a business guy with a new head of R&D in tow, which was a new one on us. And that’s gone from being a trickle to pretty much a weekly occurrence.”


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