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Digital Transformation of Learning and Development for the Future of Work

By | Prabu Ganapathy | Head – People & Learning Practices

Digital Transformation of Learning and Development for the Future of Work

In the new normal, enterprises of all sizes are constantly fighting the battle to retain top talent as well as attract new prospects to cater to future demands. Even though compensation forms a major part of the talent attraction process, it is not the final word. Today, studies show that nearly 65% of employees are turning to their own professional development initiatives irrespective of whether their employers support them or not with dedicated programs. Learning and development initiatives thus become a key pillar of growth for modern enterprises.

Furthermore, enterprises are increasingly turning to digital options to cater to the training and learning needs of their employees. By empowering staff across levels to acquire learning and experience through real-time lessons via digital channels, enterprises can bring about radical shifts in the way the workforce of the future is shaped. Let us examine the top trends that digital transformation in learning and development can bring about in the corporate world.

Accelerate Learning

Employees need to adapt to changing work and market conditions faster today when compared to the past decade. The digital economy poses a huge opportunity for businesses to take a competitive advantage in a matter of days if they can deliver on customer expectations consistently. For employees, this results in the demand for an accelerated learning and development initiative that can help them acquire new-age skills faster and with the right guidance. 

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