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Digital Transformation – The Leaders Role

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Leading an organization as it goes through its digital transformation journey is different from leading a software upgrade. It is an opportunity to reimagine the future.

The major reason organizations fail is because they build an analog mindset into digital. Digital technology demands a complete transformation, and it is not a software upgrade. It is a chance to innovate and reimagine the future. Without a C-Suite that is fully aligned to the vision of

Steven Lerner of Enterprise Mobility Exchange interviewed me recently about the role of a leader in driving transformation. The full article is here: <Read the article>

Enterprise Mobility Exchange: How have leaders kept up with the digital transformation?

Abhijit Bhaduri: Leaders keep up with the digital transformation through seminars and articles in the business press. Conferences and visits to see digital-born organizations (like Amazon, Google, Slack, Netflix) also give leaders a chance to know how transformations are reshaping business models.

EME: What are some blindspots that leaders might overlook during a digital transformation, and how should they be handled?

AB: The C-Suite must start by having a common view on why they wish to undertake the transformation. Transformations that are led by the CIO alone are doomed to fail. Employees need to be actively involved in setting this vision. Building the culture enables the organization to reimagine the business model.

EME: How are leaders using technology to improve workplace culture?

AB: The leaders often under-leverage technology. For example, social media must be used equally for listening as it can be for disseminating views. Most leaders underutilize technology for listening. Being able to tune in to weak signals is an opportunity. The leader does have the opportunity to leverage social media and stay connected with their teams — especially those team members who are remote. Social media must be used as a listening post rather than as a megaphone.

EME: What competitive advantages are found with digital transformation?

AB: Digital transformations enable the organization to reimagine the business model. It helps them to reimagine the customer experience, as well as the employee experience. The ability to scale up across geographical borders and sectors is the biggest reason to undertake digital transformation. It is an opportunity to reimagine the business. A company like Netflix has become the best example of redefining a business model because of technology. Netflix currently has a market cap that has exceeded Disney.

Digital TransformationEME: Who needs to be involved from a strategic standpoint with digital transformation?

AB: The digital transformation must be created with the customer. It is an iterative process where the customer uses the prototype, and gives feedback that becomes the basis for an improved version that the customer uses. This process is iterative. (Enterprise Mobility Exchange clarifies that this can mean the internal customer as well).

EME: As a leader, who else will he or she need buy-in from at the C-Suite level, and how do you approach it? What about outside of C-Suite?

AB: The digital transformation needs the buy- in from the CEO and the entire C-Suite. I like to run a conversation with the C-Suite to help everyone get a common view of the future before the journey begins. Digital transformation must involve everyone in the organization. Leaders are often guilty of looking at digital transformation as a technological upgrade. It is an opportunity to reimagine the whole business, which is best done with all employees together. It is an opportunity to co-create this new world with the employees. Successful transformation needs the whole organization to be involved in making it work. It needs continuous engagement.


I spoke at the recent TechHR ’18 Conference in August 2018. I spoke abut the role of leaders. Read about that in Why Digital Transformations Fail

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