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Diplomacy is one skill which you must master before you Bat & Bold

Source | LinkedIn | Rajessh Deb Roy | Director |Global Product Management Ambassador | AIPMM USA

After hard work students passes test clears to those professional courses yet found falling as they don’t know what to do Next .Biggest irony of our education is those hidden skills which we get exposed to while we face reality which goes against belief & humanity which we fail to undertake .

“Yes MBA passing gets you degree but not certificate to Succeed Success”

What an MBA teaches you in short it teaches you humility which is essential to achieve success at the work place. In fact, a study by the University of Washington Foster School of Business revealed that “humble people tend to be the most effective leaders and are more likely to be high performers in both individual and team settings.It does teach you team work as you drive projects together and access to what Industry expert learn in setting up their dreams to action .However when they passed out hits the ground of Real world you find self despite of degrees made to think real life around your work lacking the skills to excel in workplace .If you find thus far true then its worth completing the read else you may find it waste of your valuable time .

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