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Disabled Workers in London Paid 15% Less Than Peers, ONS Says

Source | | Lucy Meakin

Disabled workers in London face the U.K.’s biggest difference in pay compared to their non-disabled peers, earning on average 15.3% less, according to 2018 data from the Office for National Statistics.

Median pay was 12.2% lower for disabled employees across the country, the ONS said Monday. The pay gap was wider for men than women, and those with mental impairment experienced the greatest disparity with hourly earnings that were 18.6% less.

Disability Pay Gaps

Disabled workers in London face the U.K.’s biggest average pay disparity

About a quarter of the difference can be accounted for by factors such as occupation and qualification level. While disabled people were most likely to be employed in professional occupations, they have higher than average representation in lower skilled and typically lower paying occupation groups.

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