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Disconnect to Connect – bring balance and equanimity to life

Source | | Ragini Rao | Psychotherapist, Trainer & Life Coach; Heal your Life Workshop Leader

Whoever is without self-centred affection for anything, who rejoices not in favourable situations and hates not in unfavourable ones, such a person’s wisdom is firmly set.  – Bhagavad Gita- Chapter 2, verse 57

In other words, a wise person is one who is able to bring balance and equanimity in the way she/he views and reacts to situations and people.

To achieve this balance in life, we need the ability to be involved in and be fully connected with our actions and our relationships; and yet, be disconnected to take a meta-perspective; detaching oneself to view the situation from many angles.

The word Connect has a positive connotation. It is an important way to, physically and emotionally, be with whatever we do and with people around us. The thought of a Disconnect, on the other hand, may sound negative. However, it is this ability to disconnect periodically, from actions or relating with people, which enables us to connect internally with ourselves. This enables us to review the situation dispassionately and gives us the power to stay balanced.

Autonomy as a goal in life to maintain balance

In modern understanding of human behaviour too there is a similar approach recommended. Dr. Eric Berne, the originator of the theory of Transactional Analysis, espoused Autonomy as the goal of life.

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