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Discover the Risk of Overconfidence

Source | LinkedIn : By Rajesh DebRoy

The Know It All Syndrome – The Risk & Way Ahead

I am sure of the Big cities the large roads & the traffic sense which we often curse while off to office or on roads for leisure  .That road transport Bus wala who is always crazy over taker with big horn Poo pooh Teaching traffic sense to world might be great subject to skill up however until that situation arises it is good to go safe and drive safe rather getting distracted by these trumpets and over takers .Yes if you are in hurry to reach on time Start well before time rather falling in trap of over speeding in the name of reaching @ work on time isn’t .

Safe driving starts with stronger self-awareness. If you are honest with yourself about your driving habits and are familiar with your strengths and weaknesses behind the wheel, you can use the knowledge to improve your skills.To discover your driving personality. 

Let’s be honest: a good proportion of the  motorists aren’t as safe as they believe themselves to be – and the Know-it-all is a prime example.

This category is made up of experienced drivers who are likely to have held their licence for 20 or more years. The majority are older men – 63 per cent are male and the mean age is 60.

Self-awareness is crucial to staying safe on the road

Despite their experience, 50 per cent of Know-it-alls admit to breaking the speed limit on the motorway, while almost one third concede they’re most likely to break the rules when no one is watching. Yet drivers in this category are in favor of tightening rules for other road users. For example, half of them would restrict young drivers to driving during daylight hours. They also tend to think that younger drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents, with 82 per cent assuming under-25s will be the cause of most crashes.

Know-it-all generally feel confident in their driving abilities. However, such overconfidence can be their downfall.

Does your  Organization  focus & Believe on implementing  Safety  strategy ?

I  found  this important and essential hope the same for you these tips worth the lead in implementing this concept at any work location. These keys are must for enhancing Safety Performance 

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