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Discrimination and harassment is rife, finds CIPD report | Ashleigh Webber

One in five neurodivergent employees have experienced harassment or discrimination at work, while only half feel it is safe to talk about neurodiversity in their organisation.

Research from the CIPD and neuroinclusion training provider Uptimize found that 31% of neurodivergent employees have not told their manager or HR about their neurodivergence, with 37% concerned about people making assumptions based on stereotypes.

A third (34%) felt there was too much “stigma” attached to neurodiversity – an umbrella term that can include those with ADHD, autism or dyslexia – and 29% were concerned that revealing their neurodivergence would have an impact on their career.

Almost one in five (18%) who had not revealed their neurodiversity did not feel their organisation would be understanding or offer support. Of all the neurodivergent employees polled, only 37% felt their employer offered meaningful support.

Only 52% felt able to talk about neurodiversity in their organisation, and 54% felt they could talk about it with their team. This was despite 55% of organisations stating they had a neuroinclusive culture.

Most employers told the researchers that neuroinclusion was a focus for their business (60%), with 33% including it in their equality, diversity and inclusion strategy or action plan and 19% recognising it as part of their EDI work despite not being explicitly mentioned in their strategies. However, 32% of employers said neuroinclusion was not a priority for…

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