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Disrespectful Behaviors That Ruin Leadership, Teamwork & Customer Experience

By | Kate Nasser |

When you think of disrespectful behaviors you often come up with the same ones over and over. Yet that doesn’t lessen the impact of those behaviors on others. When people disrespect others it has tangible long-term effects.

Now consider what happens when those disrespectful behaviors are in a work setting. What happens to leaders who disrespect those they lead? What does lack of respect for teammates do to teamwork? How do customers or patients react when they are the targets of disrespect? Well here is a list of these damaging behaviors and what they really do!

Disrespectful Behaviors That Ruin Everything

The following list of disrespectful behaviors may seem humdrum and old hat. It isn’t. Every human being reacts negatively to disrespect and that alone makes this as current and valuable today as it has ever been.

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