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Ditch Change Fatigue and Embrace Continual Evolution

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Change Resilience Leads to More Innovative Cultures

The idea that there’s a quick fix for culture can cause lots of problems. Cultural change is what you get after you’ve put new processes or structures in place, and it evolves slowly, along with the organization.

Employees may feel they are constantly told they need to change processes and practices, only for the leadership team to keep on doing what they always do, and for managers to maintain the same old routines. Despite an initial surge of enthusiasm, nothing ever changes.

The irony is that “change fatigue” can set in, despite “the way we do things around here” remaining very much the same.

Our recent survey with corporate leaders found that change fatigue is one of the top 2 challenges leaders face when building organizational cultures. Other surveys have found that change initiatives flounder because companies lack the skills to sustain change over time.

When the reasons and need for change are poorly communicated, everyone feels frustrated and deflated.

Combine with that the fact that all changes, even positive ones, come at a cumulative cost for your workforce.

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