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Diversity as a Culture vs Cultural Diversity

By | Kanakasubramaniam |

Diversity is changing the face of business. Kanakasubramaniam, in this blog, tells us how Verizon values diversity and focusses on multiple dimensions of the concept to contribute to employee welfare.

One question that intrigues most of us is if organisations really value diversity. What’s in it for them?

While there is no question that diversity doesn’t merely imply embracing and adapting to cultural needs, it is also a proven enabler for competitive difference and helps businesses perform better. Multiple research underscores the importance of a diverse talent.

Organisations that have been successful in being diverse are the ones that have woven diversity and inclusivity deep into their organisational ethos.

I am extremely proud to state that Verizon is one such organisation. We value diversity deeply and focus on it from multiple dimensions to help us become a truly diverse organisation.

Diversity is not just about hiring different talents. It is about establishing a credible ecosystem to enable our talent to flourish.

We have tailored and curated policies to enable our diverse V-teamers (as we refer to Verizon employees) to find their feet quickly, allow them to manage and stabilise their career transitions, help them with reskilling and upskilling through state-of-the art learning resources, and provide the best of technology opportunities to explore and shine.

However, these policies will not mean anything if we do not provide a respectful working environment to everyone, regardless of their background.

The V-teamers

We have numerous industry accolades for Diversity, but the ones that we are most proud of is the powerful transformation that we witness in our V-teamers. So, essentially, a successful diverse organisation is where diversity is about creating a culture of plurality, establishing inclusivity naturally and everyone feels as important to the organisation as anyone else.

For any organisation to achieve that, these expectations should be ingrained in colleagues who are individually championing the cause day in and out. The true value of diversity can only be attained when all this falls in place.

I have been personally associated with Verizon for more than 14 years now, and the organisation has provided me an opportunity to work in multiple roles and technologies.

A Work Culture Like No Other

Verizon places immense faith on the individual’s capability to deliver, and the work culture has proved to be invaluable time and again to succeed in all my roles despite different work experiences. 

I have been able to explore different areas of technology delivery working with diverse talent, learn the ropes of running the business as well in process. All this has been made possible by the openness in the system. The organisation enjoys the career transitions of its workforce, absorbing people from different backgrounds and providing a platform to succeed.

I also champion the cause of Diversity and Inclusion, along with my technology responsibilities, and we are super proud of the strides we have been making. Each of us has our own stories to share.

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