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Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in Today’s Way of Working

By | Soumi Dasgupta | International Future Leader at The Adecco Group Business Expansion, Revenue Generation, Account Management || Program Management, Change Agent, Project Management

DIBs or Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging; this particular topic has taken a storm over the last few years in mostly all of ours’s career space. Although for most of us, it seems to be a program which falls under the Human Resources’ umbrella, but with due time I understood it’s importance in every segment of the industry.

DIBs is all about bringing out the humanity in any program, in any work.

With the way of work changing, new modes of performing a task evolving and in the new world’s way of working; it is very important of DIBs to lead a sustainable, inclusive and a progressing future.

Do you know?

– That by 2055, according to research; there will not be a particular major race in the workplace?

– Millennials; who concludes 50% of workforce today and by 2025, they will hold 75% of the total population is seeking out for opportunities which has DIBs in place?

– Studies shows that organizations who has a running DIBs program in place, has yielded an increase of productivity by 56% as it directly hits the bottom-line?

– Only 3.2% of the total Fortune 500 companies has a real DIBs program running in place

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