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Diversity Starts at the Top: Embrace Different Perspectives for Maximum Success

In order to be successful, companies must diversify at the highest levels -- not just among the employee base

By | Arash Homampour |

Great businesses are like rainbows, reflecting and refracting light into an array of vibrant colors. Successful business people understand that the broader their reach, the greater the palette of colors they’ll be able to display. Our world is now moving away from antiquated norms imposed by a select few and embracing a more realistic and inclusive view of humanity.

Over the past year, we’ve been forced to explore diversity in new and unexpected ways. We’ve attempted to end and upend systemic racism and discrimination. We’ve witnessed Black Lives Matter and MeToo movements, seen sports and entertainment figures come out of the closet and learned that the world goes on even when people don’t show up at the office.

People are demanding to be seen for who they really are, not judged by the color of their skin, sexual orientation, gender, race or any other box that they are forced into by social constructs fueled by ignorance, fear or a desire to control.

Diversity, equity and inclusion, or “DEI,”  have become the new corporate mantra, and companies across the country have rushed to adopt DEI programs. In addition to addressing disparities in recruiting, hiring, pay and promotion, DEI turns out to be good for the bottom line. But companies that fail to implement DEI at all levels — including the executive suite — cannot truly consider themselves successful.

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