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Do Companies Hate You when you Leave?

Source | LinkedIn : By Prabhakar Mundkur

When I started my career in the 80s, I had a very different experience of leaving companies, compared to what happens now in the new millennium.

In fact most resignations were treated quite maturely and without any acrimony; employers treated you with respect until your last day at work, and if you had spent enough time, the company gave you a fantastic send-off. If you hadn’t spent enough time, it was your colleagues who gave you a going away party. Typically, it meant going out with your colleagues and getting sloshed one evening.

At one of the companies I was leaving, I was forced to warn them that I was going to a competitor and if they liked I was alright leaving right away rather than serving my entire notice period. The answer by today’s standards of distrust, was a bit of surprise. My boss told me “We would like you to keep working until the last day. We trust you not to share whatever you know about us with the new employer.” Really? Can that really happen? Were companies more trusting or employees more trustworthy it makes me wonder?

As a result, when I joined the new company, I was loathe to giving any insider information that might have betrayed the trust placed in me by my previous employer.

Resignations in the New Millennium

However, the entire employer-employee relationship seems to have changed in the new millennium. If you are a much wanted employee, employers may try and keep you back even after your resignation, but when you refuse to re-consider their offer they will treat you like a pariah for the rest of the notice period. This often means that both HR and your immediate boss will give you the cold shoulder. You will quickly be pulled of all the projects you are handling and made to feel miserable for the rest of your notice period. Making you often wonder why they want you there at all in the first place and why they couldn’t have just let you go immediately, instead of putting you through this torture.

But to be fair that might be just some of the companies.

The more mature companies will still treat you affectionately and genuinely feel sorry when you are leaving. Ex-employees will keep in touch with you and so will your ex-bosses. Really making you feel every happy about having spent your time there.

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