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Do it The Lenovo Way! The Future Forward, Fortune 500 Tech Company

By | Priya Kumar |

How would you like to work at a Fortune 500 technology company which is also Fortune magazine’s world’s most admired companies?  

Presenting Lenovo, the smart technology company catering to tech lovers of all generations.

Lenovo is committed to shaping computing intelligence to create a better world that individuals, communities, businesses, and the entire population need to fulfill their potential.

 As a uniquely global business, diversity is one of Lenovo’s greatest strengths and believe that technology companies have the capability and the profound responsibility to champion diversity and inclusion. 

 Lenovo partnered with JobsForHer for India’s biggest conference and awards of the year for companies committed to diversity & inclusion一AccelHERate & DivHERsity Awards 2023 held in March. An in-person event at Bangalore, AccelHERate & DivHERsity Awards saw the presence of top companies represented by their senior management to delve into different aspects of D&I and its impact on the workforce. 

Lenovo was the proud sponsor as Technology Partner for the event, and received significant recognition at the DivHERsity Awards. 

Lenovo is constantly building a futuristic world that is studded with cutting-edge technology in all the products and services they offer.

  • PCs and tablets
  • Monitors, accessories
  • Smartphones
  • Smart home, and smart collaboration solutions
  • Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR)
  • Commercial Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Software services
  • Smart infrastructure data centre solutions

Covering  more than 180 markets and global manufacturing, Lenovo has its original and contract manufacturing facilities at Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Mexico, and USA. included as one of the initial members of the new Hang Seng TECH Index, Lenovo is one of the 30 largest qualifying tech companies currently on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

The Mission and Vision 

Lenovo thrives on a mission to be one of the world’s greatest personal technology companies through Personal computers, convergence, and culture. Lenovo envisions a company with a vision of…

  • Creating personal devices more people are inspired to own
  • A culture more people aspire to join and 
  • An enduring, trusted business that is well respected around the world.

The Lenovo Way

Lenovo lives by its culture and calls it the ‘Lenovo Way’. Serving the customers, working as a team, or giving back to the community, no matter what. Lenovo strives to build a unique company delivering unparalleled products to customers, supported by the people – the real asset to Lenovo who represent a wealth of cultures and varied experiences.

Lenovo lives by its value – “We do what we say and we own what we do.”

Customer service, innovation, entrepreneurship, teamwork with Integrity and trust form the four core values of Lenovo.


Lenovo stays true to its values by being committed to creating an atmosphere that supports Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, ownership, and entrepreneurship. Lenovo constantly develops a platform where employees’ abilities can be challenged and where their efforts are appreciated and rewarded.

Apply For Jobs at Lenovo

The company also prides itself on some of the best women-friendly policies, making it a fine workplace for the female workforce.

  • Maternity Leave Policy
  • Child-Care Facility
  • Flexi Option
  • Education Assistance Policy

…and many more.

With utmost prominence given to diversity initiatives, Lenovo fairly promotes people from diverse cultures, gender, ethnicity, language. 

The Women in Lenovo Leadership (WILL) was launched in 2019 dedicated to the growth, advancement, and empowerment of Women under the key pillars of Inclusive Hiring, Career Enablement, Training for Managers and other wings of Lenovo. 

The program encouraged women to break the stereotypes and increase their presence in male-dominated fields like sales, manufacturing, tech, and leadership.

Opportunities at Lenovo

Lenovo envisions bringing smarter technology for all by providing the widest portfolio of products, solutions, software and services by making Intelligent Transformation an everyday reality. This bandwagon of innovation and technology must be filled with talented and equally passionate brigade who will dream with the eyes of Lenovo.

The company offers multiple jobs in tech and sales domains, giving you ample opportunities to enhance your career portfolio with the mega brand name like ‘Lenovo’ attached to it.

What are you waiting for? 

Explore and apply to opportunities at Lenovo, today! 

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