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Do We Need a “Lemon Law” in Recruiting?


I remember when I bought my dream car. Seriously. It was amazing. I was so happy and proud of myself. It’s what I always wanted, at least for the most part. I am more of a two-seater, but as a new-enough mom, that wasn’t going to fly. 

So, more accurately: I remember when I bought my dream car brand. It felt like landing an amazing job at your dream brand company and knowing that you had achieved something. 

About three months later, the car started having problems. Like, major problems. Like the engine-would-just-stop problems. So for the next nine months, the car was in the shop all the time. It was clear that it was a lemon. 

Oddly enough, this experience came on the heels of me quitting my job at a well-regarded company. I left because I was moving. (And I do love moving. I’ve moved more than 7,500 miles with my husband in my adult life. I like to see new things. One of our moves took us back to Columbus, Ohio. From Seattle. You heard that right. I moved from Seattle to Columbus. Judge away.) To move with relative ease, you need to find a job in the new city. 

And that is how my perfect candidate experience started. 

I started my search by researching best places to work in my new location, and a specific employer kept coming up. So I went to its careers website. It was simple, content-rich, and easy to navigate. I also reached out to people on LinkedIn and talked to them about the company and what it was like to work there.

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