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Do we still need managers? Most workers say ‘no’

What we need from our managers has changed. But how we select and train them hasn’t


The vast majority of American workers believe they can do their jobs effectively without the supervision of a manager, and during the ongoing Great Resignation, employers might want to take notice.

In a recent survey of 3,000 American workers conducted by GoodHire, 83% of respondents said they could do their job without a manager. That number increases to 89% for finance and insurance professionals, 88% among healthcare workers, and 87% for those in hospitality, science, and technology roles. Beyond that, 84% of respondents said they could do their manager’s job, and 82% said they would consider quitting because of a bad manager.

“Often people equate being a manager with micromanaging people, and I don’t think that’s the best way to manage,” says GoodHire CEO Mike Grossman. “People do their best work when they’re not micromanaged, and in many cases they don’t need to have that much oversight.”

Grossman says the widely shared sentiment toward managers can be traced back to two primary causes: how they’re selected, and how they’re trained (or not trained)

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