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“Do you close the bathroom door even if you are the only one at home?”​

By | Sridhar Ramanathan

(This is a line written by a famous writer Bill Jamie for Psychology Today magazine. He also wrote another great line ‘How much should you tip the waiter when you are planning to pocket the ashtray’ for a travel service magazine.)

You might think it is a strange question. And you are right. I read this line several years ago. It has always intrigued me. Would I do that? Yes, said my mind. Then I started wondering about my answer. Why should I close the bathroom door if no one else was at home?

After much thinking I realised that this very thought caused me anxiety and tension. I could understand logically I had nothing to worry about. But I had this nagging feeling “Suppose…”

I realised that I was dealing with a strange kind of fear which had no real basis. I had no name for it but this fear was causing me stress.

Soon enough I discovered that it was not the only fear I had. There were several other fears.

Fear of losing documents while traveling abroad.

Fear of making mistakes (and getting caught).

Fear of losing face

Fear of imperfection

Fear of rejection

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