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Do You Want A More Cohesive Team? Ask Your Team These 7 Questions

Source | | Nicole Bendaly

The teams and leaders I speak with these days are exhausted, overwhelmed and anxious about what the future of work holds for them. As a result, leaders are thirsty for simple and practical strategies to help their teams build the resilience, cohesion and effectiveness needed to thrive through this pandemic and beyond. 

So, with that in mind, I’ve created seven team questions designed to strengthen each of the factors most essential to high performance teamwork. These seven questions will help create the team dialogue, clarity, and action needed for your team to emerge from this pandemic stronger than ever. 

 You might work through these one per week, one per month or several at a team development session, depending on your team’s needs and time available.

1.      To strengthen your team’s cohesion, ask:

What would you say are our top three priorities for achieving success?

2.      To strengthen your team’s climate, ask:

What does our team need to do better to ensure that we have a supportive and collaborative culture?

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