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Does it Work to Quit Your Job and Freelance?

Source | Linkedin | Scott Hoover | CPA, Pastor, Writer

Stop reading now if you want an easy, over-simplified answer.

I’ve been freelancing 10 years and still can’t tell if it’s the greatest thing ever, or simply a great way to work harder under more stress for less pay.

In place of an answer, here are 24 realistic points I’ve learned in a decade of freelancing:

  1. My family has never gone hungry.
  2. But they have gone without me too many evenings and weekends while I worked on time-sensitive projects.
  3. I have significantly more control over my compensation than I did as an employee.
  4. But I doubt I’m earning anymore today than I would be in a traditional CFO job with benefits.
  5. I love the flexibility of the freelancing way of life.
  6. But the strain of landing new work and keeping old clients happy wears me down.

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