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Does Social Media Affect a Business?

By |Manaza Bilal

There is no question that the power of social media is unbeatable. Just like we need sunlight for the cycles of nature to run smoothly, we also need social media to nurture our growing business. So it is not just a want but more of a need. Nowadays we find top-notch cable providers offering not just exceptional TV plans like Spectrum Silver for instance, but blazing fast internet and affordable internet offers, and cherry on top, you cannot underestimate the convenience and affordability of bundle deals that make things a lot easier for users. Knowing the importance of fast and reliable internet for business owners, there are separate internet plans that are designed to satisfy connectivity needs.

With the wise use of social media platforms and tools, you can take your business to new levels of success. The penetration of the internet and social media in the world of marketing can hardly be overemphasized. Businesses nowadays hire Social media managers and experts to ensure maximum online presence and better brand image. Gone are the days when radio and print media were the main channels for marketing or promotion of your product and service. Not to forget they costed much money. It will be true to say that social media has taken over control as one of the most effective and prominent platforms to advertise your product or service, attract potential customers and boost sales. Here are some pointers and factors that prove the notion that yes, social media has a big impact on any business nowadays:

Impact on Brand Presence

We all use Facebook. It has become the second most visited site in the world. So that is your hub for attracting your target audience. As you know your potential customers spend time on social media, promoting your product, service, or offers over these social media platforms can get you instant attention. Your brand can reach thousands or millions of people, creating more awareness and providing all the product/service information online. People are always interested in something innovative or compelling to suit their needs or requirements. Once your brand information matches that, you can easily attract more customers and make better sales. 

Impact on Sales

We live in a digital world and as many as 15 to 17 percent of the population is involved in online shopping. And the figure keeps increasing. Through effective brand awareness via social media platforms and quality content, you can maximize customer engagement and increase your sales to a great extent.

Impact on Brand Loyalty

There is no denying the fact that if used smartly, social media can maximize your brand loyalty. More interaction, quick flow of information, better connectivity help in generating more loyalty. You can engage with potential customers in a better way.

Makes your Business Omni-Present

An average person alive on earth has four to eight social media accounts, particularly the ones falling in the age bracket of 16 to 25. Look around you and you won’t be surprised to see that young people are active on almost every social media platform. It is a routine to scroll through Facebook feeds, or check out Instagram posts and stories or look at the tweets. So if your brand is actively posting an offer or message on five or eight social media platforms and users are seeing it again and again, there are higher chances of them making their mind and going for purchases. That’s human nature. You are persuading them over and over with your captivating offers, resulting in higher conversion rates,  You can gain an impressive organic reach even without paying for ads and other paid online marketing strategies.

Better Personalization

A major factor involved in the business world today is better personalization. More and more marketers focus on ensuring a more personalized experience. Customers are more attracted to brands that seem to offer more customization features, giving the impression that they understand the customer’s needs and are willing to offer service accordingly. Social media can help users to have a more personal interaction with the brands by connecting to their customer support agent via text or live chat.

Improved Industry Collaboration

Social media can have a big impact on your business and make it grow through enhanced industry collaboration. You must have heard of the term influencer marketing. It has become one of the most effective forms of increasing sales. This is why businesses are now willing to invest more in influencer marketing.

Wrapping Up,

The aforementioned pointers highlight some excellent areas and explain how social media can positively affect your business’s success and growth. This is the reason why more businesses are willing to allocate a bigger budget for social media marketing.



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