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Does What You Do Inspire You

Source | TalentCulture : By Dave Brock

I’ve spent the last couple of days at Dreamforce. It’s an astounding event, but for me, participating in Dreamforce has taken a big shift. I find myself spending more time meeting with people in one on one’s than attending the sessions in the event.

This year, I noticed a shift in the conversations I had with many people. A few had recently made major job and career shifts. A few were in the final stages of making major shifts in their careers. A couple had gone through great personal tragedies in their lives and shared their experiences. Most of the conversations were about their business, their current jobs, and changes they were trying to drive in their organizations and in their own personal abilities to achieve their goals–to have an impact.

Despite the variety of discussions–whether focused on themselves, their careers, and what was next; or their organizations, jobs, strategies, and what was next, I started noticing some patterns.

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