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Don’t Flaunt Body or Confront Men in Meetings: Ernst & Young’s Advice to Women Employees Under Fire

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  • In June 2018, a group of 30 women employees in Ernst and Young's Hoboken office in New Jersey, US, were given a workshop on how to succeed in the firm.

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About 30 women employees in Ernst & Young were allegedly given leadership training seminar in which they were given dressing and behavioural advice and asked to not show skin and distract male colleagues.

The incident allegedly took place in June 2018 in EY’s Hoboken office in New Jersey, US, right after the Me Too movement started gathering steam. While EY implemented several policy changes and fired a male employee accused of sexually harassing a woman colleague, the appalling advice doled out to women in this conference is not just regressive but also reeks of misogyny.

The training was called Power-Presence-Purpose or PPP and consisted of a copy of a 55-page presentation on how women should dress, how they should communicate, how they should respond to male colleagues.

Sample some of the “suggestions”, as reported by Huffington Post, given to women so that they could succeed at EY:

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