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Don’t just do but Stand Out”

Source |  |  BY: Pooja Shukla  Director testing cloud  and coloration at polycom  

Was attending a Test Conference. Heard, met, networked with Veterans in Test Community…..feeling pretty excited…..What impacted me most is the sessions by Sir Col. Prabir Sengupta. Session full of Patriotism, motivation and enthusiasm…..

One of the many brilliant things he said “look at your core and do what you are good at” and “don’t just do but Stand Out”…..

It was a energy booster for many of the audiences….for me it was a wake-up and shakeup call. Wake-up on my being Indian…..and shakeup on my Professional aspirations…..

Been into Testing for decades…..been doing things I love to do… way…..with passion. More than 90% of the time in my career I felt proud, confident, convinced and motivated of the work I do and the value I bring…..10% times doubtful, angry and may have felt like second grade community as compared to Dev


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