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You Don’t Know the Power of Brand Experience Until You Know Tea Traditions

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Branding conversations nowadays revolve around putting the customer – and her experience – at the centre of everything we do. We strive to create a connection between a space, a product and a person – to understand the environment that a consumer is in and design her experience with a brand with authenticity and beauty. All of these are, and always will be, some of the core pillars of quality branding.

But they stem from deeper, cultural foundations that most of us never notice…


For thousands of years, tea ceremonies have stood as an emblem of culture – or, in China’s case, a means of spiritual awakening. The story of Tai Ping Hou Kui tea (also known as “monkey tea”) depicts this essence well: An old man walking about Taiping County discovered the body of a deceased monkey at the foot of a mountain and decided to bury it – decorating its resting place by planting tea trees. The following spring, the man returned to the burial to find that his few trees were now covering the entire mountain. “I give you these tea trees so that you may live well by cultivating them,” a voice whispered. The man, remembering the monkey, named the mountain Hou Gang (“monkey hill”) and the tea Hou Cha (“monkey tea”). It is still considered the “King of Tea” to this day.


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