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Don’t Lose Track of High Performers Who Take a Hiatus

Source | Hardvard Business Review : By Carol Fishman Cohen 

When I work with employers to develop return-to-work programs for professionals re-entering the workforce after a career break, one key question always arises: “Where

do we find these returning professionals?”

While there are multiple sources employers can use to locate returnees–university alumni career services offices, referrals from current employees, and return-to-work conferences–there’s one source they should never overlook: Their own “regrettable losses,” meaning high performers who’ve left to go on career break.

The “regrettable loss” is a cherished resource because these high performers are already proven talent who know the employer and the work intimately.  With the large numbers of returning professionals and other career transitioner populations (e.g. as of 2013, there were 2.6 million women in the U.S. between the ages of 25 and 54, with at least one child at home, and a Bachelor’s degree or higher, who were not in the labor force), employers need to plan ahead.

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