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Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Customer

By Alex Williams

Every businessperson knows that a customer’s word is everything. Regardless of how strong your marketing strategy is or how amazing your website looks, it may not be enough. Even if every public place is covered with ads that praise your business, everything can still be crushed by unsatisfied customers. Think about it, every business will only talk about their strengths, how they are the best and may even lie during the process. However, the place where people can see what kind of business they’re dealing with is the Internet.

Customer feedback is what really counts in the world of business. They have no reason to lie and will comment if they have a strong reaction to their experience with you, whether it’s positive or negative. There’s no reason to fear if you are the best you can be. However, we often cannot see our business objectively and this is where customers’ comments come to our aid. All criticism can be constructive. Learn from your customers, listen to them on what you should change or improve, and what is already excellent and should stay that way. We are here to help you use these comments to your advantage and suggest which aspects you should focus on during the process.


Some might say e-mails are becoming obsolete. This is absolutely untrue. Depending on the sort of business you run or want to get in touch with, e-mails can be the most suitable form of communication. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you keep your response time as short as possible. Nobody likes to wait because it is both frustrating and unprofessional.

Social networks

Nowadays, most people post their feedback about other businesses on Facebook, Twitter or other social media. Your company should have employees who are in charge of searching through these in order to find comments and react. On the other hand, most customers want the subjects of their posts, i.e. your company, to see their comments. This makes the job easier as you should keep track of every comment and respond to each and every one of them.

Customer support

This part is very important. Dialing customer support and having to wait for decades for somebody to pick up the phone while you listen to that horrible music is off-putting, to say the least. Not only will your customers lose their temper and decide to post a non-flattering comment on every media there is, but they will most probably call your competitor and never even think of using your services again. On the other hand, we cannot expect people to sit in an office 24/7 waiting for customers to call. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem and it’s called a virtual assistant. This way you would be able to solve one of the most important issues with unsatisfied customers. If you decide to take up on this idea, hiring a company like Office HQ is a smart move, as they offer this type of service and are excellent at their job.

Pay attention

There are two important concepts when it comes to dealing with customer feedback. The first one is being calm and resisting your impulses. A written word is forever. This is why you need to think long and hard before answering an angry complaint from a customer. Be polite and professional and never pass blame onto your customers, even if something is, really, their fault. The way you respond to negative criticism will determine whether your customers will keep using your services or not. Plus, if others like how you react to criticism, it will make them choose your business regardless of its flaws. The second important concept is not forgetting your satisfied customers. We often focus on responding to issues and complaints which may lead to us ignoring positive feedback which is a huge mistake. Everyone wants to be appreciated and if your customers were able to set aside some time to write a good review about your business, the least you can do is say thank you.

How does this help me?

Finally, let’s see how following these suggestions can impact your business. People like to see emotions. In the modern age of technology, everything is becoming automated. This is why a good reaction to a customer feedback can make many others want to become your customers. Under no circumstances should you use templates for answering people’s comments. Write a new one every time. Try to make every customer feel special and appreciated with a personal note. This will help create a base of lifelong customers for your business.

These were some tips on how to deal with customer feedback. As you can see, every criticism can be useful if you’re smart enough. It’s important not to panic if you get negative comments, but think about what you can improve. Know how to apologize and compensate for your mistakes. Don’t erase bad comments, since it will do you no good. It’s always better not to hide your flaws, but to show how well you can cope with them.


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