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‘Don’t wait for the perfect moment’: 7 bosses share their advice for young people on taking PTO

By | Jennifer Liu |

Americans are overworked, and it seems to be especially bad for young workers.

By generation, Gen Z and millennial workers are “significantly more vacation deprived and burned out” than workers age 50-plus, according to Expedia’s latest Vacation Deprivation study of 14,500 working adults across 16 countries.

Some would say the best time to travel is when you’re young, are more junior at work and have fewer responsibilities. But these workers don’t always have the authority to delegate away their tasks, or they may feel the need to prove themselves while on the clock. Then, there’s the budget aspect of being able to travel.

CNBC Make It spoke with a handful of very busy corporate leaders with decades of work experience the same question: What would you tell your 25-year-old self about taking time off?

Here’s their best advice.

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