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Don’t worry about ‘making serious money’ in your early 30s, says CEO. Here’s what really matters

By | Eyal N. Danon |

We’ve been taught from a young age that we need to start making serious money in our 20s and early 30s so we don’t fall behind on the foundations of financial security, like retirement savings and a down payment for a home.

As a result, so many of us try to pursue a steady career path as soon as possible — only to discover too late in life that our professional path might not have been the right fit.

That’s why, as a CEO and life coach of 25 years, I encourage people between the ages of 18 and 36 to spend their time exploring their passions and working interesting jobs — even if they barely cover the bills.

I call this stage of life the “Explorer Phase,” and knowing how to spend it wisely can boost your future happiness and earning potential.

Wait until you’re 36 to fully decide what you want to do in life

It’s impossible to live a life with zero regrets, but testing out as many different fields as possible when you’re young can help minimize disappointments and frustrations. That’s worth more than money can buy.

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