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Dr. Gad Saad: “The Consuming Instinct” | Talks at Google

In this highly informative and entertaining book “The Consuming Instinct: What Juicy Burgers, Ferraris, Pornography, and Gift Giving Reveal About Human Nature”, the founder of the vibrant new field of evolutionary consumption illuminates the relevance of our biological heritage to our daily lives as consumers. While culture is important, the author shows that innate evolutionary forces deeply influence the foods we eat, the gifts we offer, the cosmetics and clothing styles we choose to make ourselves more attractive to potential mates, and even the cultural products that stimulate our imaginations (such as art, music, and religion).

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Moderated by Jordan Thibodeau.


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  1. Lemme get this straight. The same company that fired James Damore for writing his infamous memo…. invites Gad Saad give a talk to their staff!?!?!?! This is one seriously fucked up company.

  2. This just blew my mind. The hypocrisy reached lethal levels.

    The Gad-Father is strongly supporting Damore's case, with actual facts from scientifically correct done research. He shows that he was right, an actual academic that spend most of his career researching and trying to understand this topic.

    I hope some heads are exploding because of the cognitive dissonance over at Google. Mine would.

  3. I am really sad about my fellow physicists and mathematicians.

    We have the most biased representations in US universities. For example, I visit Cornell: few women and a whole pile of Jews (Ashkenazim). They all pay lip service to the diversity bullshit because they are pretty much immune from it.

    The day that some US universities start departments of "Ethiopian mathematics" and "Swahili physics" and receive as many grants as the "Western phallologocentric physics" is the day that my colleagues will have to leave the USA with the same vigour as some physicists left Nazi Germany.

    People at the edge of science, like Dr. Saad, are the canaries in the mine. Instead of defending him, we physicists sit on our fucking protected asses.

    When the neomarxist post-modernist SJW come for us, we will have the luxury of simply say: fuck the West. Why? because you can do physics or mathematics in any environment provided you read and write some English.

  4. I posit that anyone without an ideological bias would be forced to agree with Dr Saad. Evolutionary Psychology will be a corner stone of all human studies in the future.

  5. Considering the James Damore debacle, this must have seriously upset some of these ideologues at Google.

    The Gad Farther metaphorically sacrifices a horse at the Altar of Truth…. and dumps it's head in Googles Bed.

    I love it!

  6. Saad Gad is a right-wing SJW that whine days and night about SJW that mirrors him.
    The only difference SJWs are young college kids while rwSJWs are angry old white males that worry about unimportant non-issues.

  7. 31:30 That's incorrect. A Peacock's train feathers are not an inhibition to it's survivability but a benefit. When attacked by a Tiger (a natural predator in it's native habitat) the peacock will react with a sudden dash. Though they don't have a very high top speed they accelerate and can turn rather quickly. Their train accounts for around 60% of their total length. This will more often than not cause a Tiger's grasping pounce to fail through miscalculation. Leaving the Tiger with only train feathers (they easily detach). Then with a few hops the bird is airborne and will make it's escape into the tree's or some other high place.

    It's very similar to an escape strategy many lizards use. In which they will drop their tail in order to escape (they grow a new tail). The only functional difference is that most lizards can't do any thing similar to flight. But they often don't need to. As the tail does twitch once dropped and does have caloric value. So a predator is often dissuaded from further pursuit of that same lizard having gotten a small morsel (which usually at least makes up for the energy lost in the attempt at a bigger prize).

    Many animals use decoy tactics with this. What's interesting about the peacock is that it's decoy tactic became a trait that is sexually selected for. Normally when an animal has such a trick up it's sleeve, it doesn't also help it to get a mate. Another example where the trait is solely for survival and doesn't increase reproductive odds is a squid with it's ink decoy.

    The why of how a peacocks survival mechanism is also a sexual selection trait probably has less to do with it's natural evolution and more to do with eugenics. Peacocks have been common grounds animals for likely 1000's of years. Seasonally their eggs can be collected for consumption for about a month. If one has enough peahens and a way of preserving the eggs (traditional methods can keep eggs relatively fresh for up to about 6 months). They can be an occasional delicacy throughout the better part of a year. That said the eggs are not normally consumed. Keeping peafowl has two main purposes traditionally:

    1) They are very loud and will cacaw in chorus across an estates grounds at the mere rustling of a bush. In India, it's good to know when a Tiger is on your property.
    2) The feathers have always been desirable and rather easy to sell for a stable supplemental income.

    The second reason is probably why peacock trains got to be so long and full. It's also likely why peafowl can live up to 40 years in captivity. Human selection for desirable traits. A peacock with a puny train is more likely to end up on a dinner plate. A peacock that has a good train is more likely to be kept alive by it's human tenders, and survive attack from wild predators. So bigger trains likely ended up as more than a survival decoy mechanism through human intervention.

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