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Dr. Harry Barry: “Flagging Anxiety & Panic” | Talks at Google


In Flagging Anxiety & Panic, Dr. Harry Barry provides a comprehensive view on the differences between anxiety and panic, their main causes, the role of our brains and body when dealing with them, the details around panic attacks and general anxiety disorder to finally demonstrate through case examples how to use lifestyle changes, mindfulness, exercise and CBT techniques to cope with these symptoms and improve an individual’s wellbeing.

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  1. can yall give me sone steps to take i been suffering on and off for 10 years or more with panic nd anxity attacks i was on mediactons now my doctor took me off i been off for 2 weeks now its hard i feel like im losing it my blood pressure goes up i on blood pressure mediaction now what can i do.

  2. Ive suffered from chronic anxiety since age 7 and panic disorder since age 16… depressive symptoms on and off…. Listening to this guy gave me so much…. Im a creative person with a beahioural problem…. ive done CBT. But I think Im not done yet…

  3. Would love a season with dr harry ! I have anxiety since my mum passed and now panic disorder I have downloaded flag and panic away but still can't shift it ! His voice and talks really calm me down and give me some hope

  4. Thanks it started happening to me out of nowhere….about 4 months ago..had 2 really bad episodes…doctor put me on antidepressants but I have really never been stressed …i'm a pretty relaxed guy…it was happening again today…but like he said …im just gonna let them run over me and act like they are really not doing anything to me…try at least better than meds…so thankful for this video it explained alot

  5. How does "Flooding" work if you have Generalized Anxiety Disorder? I let the symptoms flood me all day? I'snt that kinda suffering when there are benzos? Even if its light benzos here and there? Curious what the doctor thinks. Its easier to flood one panic attack but all day hyperventilation is rough.

  6. hi doc. good day..i'm suffering from panic disorder for past 5 month..i have chest pain, palpitations,nusea,headache,upset stomach, my first attack from last october 2017 was such horror in my second attack is in january this year. i new it was panic attack ..but i can't stop panicking. my blood presure go up when panic is on that why i'm so doctor gave me medicine for hypertention..can i get an advice from you to deal my anxiety? im from philippines thanks doc god bless.

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