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Dr. Michael Greger: “How Not To Die” | Talks at Google


Dr. Greger visited Google NYC to discuss his new book – How Not to Die.

The vast majority of premature deaths can be prevented through simple changes in diet and lifestyle. In How Not to Die, Dr. Michael Greger, the internationally-recognized lecturer, physician, and founder of, examines the fifteen top causes of death in America—heart disease, various cancers, diabetes, Parkinson’s, high blood pressure, and more—and explains how nutritional and lifestyle interventions can sometimes trump prescription pills and other pharmaceutical and surgical approaches, freeing us to live healthier lives.

The simple truth is that most doctors are good at treating acute illnesses but bad at preventing chronic disease. The 15 leading causes of death claim the lives of 1.6 million Americans annually. This doesn’t have to be the case. By following Dr. Greger’s advice, all of it backed up by peer-reviewed scientific evidence, you will learn which foods to eat and which lifestyle changes to make to live longer.

History of prostate cancer in your family? Put down that glass of milk and add flaxseed to your diet. Have high blood pressure? Hibiscus tea can work better than a leading hypertensive drug—and without the side effects. What about liver disease? Drinking coffee can reduce liver inflammation. Battling breast cancer? Consuming soy is associated with prolonged survival. Worried about heart disease (our #1 killer)? Switch to a whole-food, plant-based diet, which has been repeatedly shown not just to help prevent the disease, but arrest and even reverse it.

In addition to showing what to eat to help prevent the top 15 causes of death, How Not to Die includes Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen—a checklist of the foods we should try to consume every day. Full of practical, actionable advice and surprising, cutting edge nutritional science, these doctor’s orders are just what we need to live longer, healthier lives.

Moderated by Anthony V.


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  1. I love you Dr Greger, I am having respiratory problems ?copd ? asthma, the advice you give about fruits and vegetables is gold and feel more hopeful. I became plant eater with a little animal, but now I am stopping them completely, with B12 supplements and Omega 3 every day. I watch all you videos and they changed my life. Thank you Dr Greger

  2. Michael Greger: Long time vegan looking 10 years older than his actual age (43 in this video)
    Me: long time LCHF non vegan, excellent health, looking 8-10 years younger than my age (38, looking 28-30).

  3. These meat studies, by the way, were not done with wild or organic meat. Supermarket meat as a control meat group is not fair. It is full of garbage, hormones, antibiotics and  pesticides. Do a study on high animal fat and moderate animal protein in the organic category and report back. Tons of studies of health indigenous population eating a mainly meat diet were healthy as oxen. The whole animal provides all the micros and macros the body needs. Veggies and Fruits should be seasonal, local and organic. IMO.

  4. I read his book before listing to this presentation; it's much easier than listening to him read it really fast on this video with his whiney voice…..I love his work and read everything he does, but it's easier for me to absorb the information by reading his publications and articles..

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