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‘Dream Jobs Are DEAD’: Quiet Quitting is the TikTok Trend Encouraging Employees to Take It Easy at Work

Young professionals are learning to say 'no' to more and 'yes' to less as they face burnout

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As Gen-Z enters the corporate world and millennials begin to experience burnout, never going above and beyond on the job is the latest trend young professionals are following.

The trend of “quiet quitting” on TikTok is taking off as millennials encourage the upcoming generation of employees to avoid overextending themselves at work.

Josh Bittinger, who works at a management consulting company, explained to the Wall Street Journal that the idea of “quiet quitting” is less about being lazy on the job and more about avoiding burnout at work.

The whole idea of taking it easier at work is about learning to stop saying “yes” to everything, and to say “no” when you need time for yourself, according to Bittinger.

2022 global workplace report from Gallup determined that only 21% of employees were engaged at work, and most didn’t find their work meaningful following the pandemic.

That statistic is apparent in content posted by TikTokers under the app’s corporate hashtag. Thousands of users praise viral videos discouraging anyone from going the extra mile on the job.

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