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Dreamers and Unicorns Reviewed by HR Katha

By | Abhijit Bhaduri |Keynote speaker, Author and Columnist

Dreamers and Unicorns reviewed by HRKatha
Narrated by Kopal Mishra

The pandemic has reshaped and redefined workspaces not to mention, doing away with the concept of office spaces. Abhijit Bhaduri, author of Dreamers and Unicorns, tells HRKatha, “Work has changed, workforce has changed and the workplace has disappeared altogether,” and this is what forms the crux of his book.

The author personally recommends the book for anyone who is exploring career choices, be it B-school students or young professionals who are entering the work space and are seeking a thinking cap. As media becomes diversified and available at a tap on a digital screen, the way people communicate with each other has undergone drastic transformation as well. This is a reminder to adopt innovation as a practice to keep themselves or their firms relevant, now and in the years to come.

Dreamers and Unicorns on display at  Oxford Book Store , Park Street Kolkata.  Photo courtesy Arjya Chakraborty

Dreamers and Unicorns on display at Oxford Book Store, Park Street Kolkata.

Photo courtesy Arjya Chakraborty

As for measuring the value of organisations, there has been a shift from tangible factors to intangible factors, and around 85 per cent of firms measure their worth based on intangible factors — volume of patrons, hired talent and their retention, and also the company culture. This is more so in today’s context where companies are no longer driven by their location, size or capital alone.

Bhaduri has outlined three phases to any person’s career — the dreamer, the unicorn and the market shaper. Early career professionals are in the ‘dreamer’ phase wherein they experiment with jobs to find their fit, and once they find what they like, and their presence is felt and seen, pan India, they enter the ‘unicorn’ phase. It could be individual alone or the firm as a whole coming to the limelight and causing ripples of change. The unicorns, with their national presence and continuous innovation, enter the ‘market shaper’ phase and become trend influencers, taking their reach beyond the borders of their own country.

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