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Because “Dreamers”… run without Shoes

Source | LinkedIn : By Seema Raghunath

Life starts by being rottenly unfair. All over the world life proves it is senseless and heartless too. At the moment of birth – is decided some parts of your fate but there is no choosing allowed here. While one can be born as the 9th child in an impoverished home that could not feed the first 8, someone else could be born with deformities, or land in the scrawny lap of a teenage mother who abandons the baby along the way. Some other equally helpless babies on the other hand land in beautifully done up nursery’s same time,same day with parents fussing over them like it was announced this will be the last child born to mankind and yet ….all of this is fair in the ways of LIFE.

The absence of logic bites many of us as we age and demand more rationality…but the game only begins there at birth. It is like the line at the beginning of the race. Just because someone does not have shoes on, does not mean they cannot outrun others in the best of keds. Some run like the gazelle because they grew up in the Savannah running away from hungry Lions every step of the way. So environments can do much for some people and sometimes in not much of an environment the “struggler” will surface who still fights hard to resist ruin. This kind of an eternal dreamer just believes deep inside Life has much more in store for them. They are NOT convinced this paltry share of fairness is theirs to keep for life. And in search of that destiny they begin to move forward. In the days gone by parents of young men from villages saved money from land tilled to send them away – “To find their destiny”. It dindnt mean they had anywhere to go to, any place to stay, anyone they know. It meant they were going to start life from not knowing anything to finding the course of their life. In many ways we are too spoilt for words and too pampered for the Rough life. Most of us cannot imagine just sending out our children like that into the unknown; especially cultures from the East which are known to be over protective and far too providing. Yet in all that we have chosen to forget in the drum of modernization, formal education, better economy and lifestyle is the fact that Destiny is best made when the canvas is empty. But you need guts for that.

The people who life didn’t exactly befriend or love somehow manage to find inspiration from their struggles and marginal improvement too. The eternal dreamer keeps the fire burning in their rib cage that burns bright even when their tired body switches off its meter. A relentless spirit of HOPE and FAITH is what is common among those who finally make it against all odds. The Tide of life does not stay stagnant at just low tide. But what we fail to see is that for those who started off without their shoes any tide is a better tide. It is who had much who has to worry the most. Time will present the ebb every once in a while and they are too comfortable to be able to deal with the parching .

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