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Driving Customer Loyalty Through Personalized Field Services Amid Pandemic

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As enterprises all over the world gradually resume operations, it is crucial that they quickly reestablish relationships with their existing customer base and gain new ones to ensure business continuity, survival, and growth. In particular, field services workers have to respond to the needs of customers and prospects whose requirements have shifted so massively due to the pandemic.

One key area is personalization. Around the globe, 73% of consumers desire personalization from companies they transact with. Field service workers have to personalize their approach if they are to win back their old customers, convert new prospects, and drive loyalty across the board. 

With the right strategy and the right technology, they can do just that. But how exactly does personalized field services drive loyalty in these challenging times?

Safety First

Field services workers like technicians, drivers, and delivery teams, aren’t exactly sheltering in place. Most of them perform tasks that require them to be out and about, increasing their exposure potential. However, they perform critical roles, thus the need to protect them and their customers from the dangers of COVID-19.

It is essential for employers to adopt and implement safety measures that minimize contact between technicians and clients. According to the 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer, consumers want companies to prioritize the safety of their employees. By implementing measures that safeguard both customers and technicians, enterprises can drive customer loyalty through the roof.

These measures can include providing technicians safety clothing and equipment. It can also mean equipping technicians with comprehensive communication and scheduling tools they can use to coordinate with their customers and schedule their services at the client’s preferred date and time.

Field service management software with innovative features such as video chat allows field service technicians to communicate with their clients, allowing for productive interactions to help address concerns and improve first-call resolutions without compromising the safety of everyone.

Attain Agility

Field service management software with customer-centric technologies such as CRM integration enables field service technicians to access customers’ information and specific instructions. This has become crucial in personalizing field services as such allows them to make quick, data-based adjustments and deliver highly personalized services at the site, resulting in customer satisfaction, positive experience, and increased loyalty for repeat businesses.

Treat Your Customers Right

Access to reliable customer details, such as personal information, previous projects, even complaints, helps technicians approach their customers and build rapport effectively. Once interactions become personable, it becomes easy for field service personnel to capitalize on opportunities for cross-selling and upselling.

Communication and collaboration between different field service teams is positively impacted as well, particularly if they serve the same customers on previous occasions. They are able to connect early interactions with later ones and share insights to devise a more personalized approach, resulting in a wonderful customer journey. Even if the customer contacts a different team, anybody with access to the same information instantly knows what the customer wants and delivers a personalized experience without requiring them to repeat themselves.

Create/ Update Customer Information On-Site

Each customer has his or her own unique preferences, whether it’s a different home configuration for their PCs or their preferred schedule for deliveries. Keeping up with these nuances helps technicians and delivery crews follow a personal pattern. But patterns do change and it is important that these changes are documented and entered into the company’s system to ensure personalization of services.

Give Customers a Degree of Control

Customers do want to have some degree of control over service visits. Real-time job status, technician location, and two-way communications improve visibility throughout the service lifecycle and help the consumer to have more control over the field-service experience every step of the way.

Simplify Billing

Billing is by far the most delicate step in providing satisfactory field service. Most of all, you want estimates to match the final invoice and to make it easy for customers to pay their bills without hassle. Your online portal can help you here, as well. Encourage customers to log in to view and pay their bill rather than trying to handle it in the driveway after a service

Remain in Constant Communication

You can’t be responsive to customer needs without first having a way to stay in touch with them. Email and phone are great fallbacks but customers will highly appreciate the ability to chat through your website or a field-service mobile app and communicate with the team through text messages.

The GoDeskless Advantage

To enable personalization on the field. field service workers must have the capability to quickly recognize indicators as well as a shift in demand. Management can supply their on-field agents with real-time customer information, along with prior interactions, and history, through their mobile devices. Paired with an effective personalization guide or standard, field service workers are able to determine and execute the best personalization approach to meet customer expectations and deliver delightful experiences.

Godeskless Field Service Suite provides enterprises with a comprehensive and robust field management solution that simplifies information management and ensures field service workers reliable and continuous access to customer information and other essential data. Simply put, field service technicians, drivers, and agents have the platform that lets them harness personalization and deliver superior field services at every opportunity.

Republished with permission and originally published at godeskless.com

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