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Duty of care: how HR shapes the employee travel experience

What sort of experiences do your employees have when they're on the road? HRD speaks to Nadia Yahiaoui of Amadeus to find out more

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While making face-to-face connections is an invaluable part of doing business in the modern world, there’s no doubt that travelling for work can place undue strain on employees.

A recent report from Amadeus – Business traveller well-being: How to keep your employees healthy, happy and productive when they travel for work – highlighted that while 91% of travel managers feel business travel is stressful, only 39% believe that their companies have taken steps to actively improve the well-being of its traveling employees.

Nadia Yahiaoui, Vice President of Sales, Corporations at Amadeus, is well aware of the challenges that travelling employees face. Stepping into the role in July 2019, Yahiaoui has brought her wealth of experience in the travel space to the role, aiding corporations and HR departments in the process of managing their business travel.

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