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Easy Ways to Gain More Traffic to Your Startup Business

By | Rayanne Morriss

One of the main challenges most startups face is generating online and foot traffic to their business. Increased traffic can help generate leads and increase a startup’s conversion rate. With this in mind, startups need to come up with easy and creative ways to gain traffic to their startup business either through their website or physically. Below are a few ideas you can consider to help drive more traffic to your startup.

Creating Shareable Content

In today’s digital era of information, you need to create interactive and shareable content for your target audience as part of your content marketing strategy. It’s not enough to come up with content for your website, you need to make this content fun, and something people can share with others in their circles. Most businesses start by creating relevant content for their domains; however, in time, they end up with hundreds of articles and blogs covering the same topic. To gain more traffic for your website, you need to consider extending the depth of your content. You need to come up with easy-to-read and informative content for you to beat your competitors’ general posts. Providing well-researched content can help raise your SERPs ranking, which leads to an increase in your site’s organic traffic.

Engaging in Niche-Focused Online Communities

The best way to get recognition and network your startup is by associating yourself with industry players. To do this, you need to join the right online platform and spend time engaging with community members. This allows you to talk about industry-related issues as you promote your brand among your peers. Online communities also provide you with a unique opportunity to meet potential partners who can help you promote your business; the secret is to remain active.

Text Message Automation

Text message automation is an example of an effective digital marketing strategy. Through efficient text automation, you can effectively reach a broad audience and share relevant information regarding your products and service within your service area. This approach allows you to send text messages to people with little to no manual intervention. Most startups have limited budgets when it comes to marketing, which puts them at a disadvantage when going against their established competitors. However, you can personally engage your target group at scale with marketing automation such as text message automation. The best part about this strategy is that you can access other marketing tools, automated workflows, SMS Drip messages, Autoresponders, Scheduled Text Messages, Abandoned Cart SMS, and many others. With these tools, you can effectively reach out to your audience and increase your online and foot traffic.

Host a Seminar or Workshop

A seminar or workshop is also an excellent way to generate traffic for your business. This approach is an all-around approach to generating leads and increasing conversions. It allows you to communicate directly to potential customers on how they can benefit from your products and services. For example, a digital marketing company can host a seminar to explain to potential clients the different products they offer, their pricing, and how best to maximize each of these products. This information is also shared through pamphlets and newsletters to reach your audience effectively. This way, you can easily convince local businesses and residents to do business with your company.

Host a Community Event with a Newsworthy Tie-In

Having worked on strategies to boost your online traffic, you also need to increase your foot traffic – that is, if you operate a physical office. The best way to do this is to host a charity or community event tied to a topical event, for example, when the local soccer team is playing a critical match. Take this opportunity to partner with other businesses to provide game-day promotions or a tie-in event. Be sure to focus on giving back to the community by sharing your profits or through giveaways such as gift cards. You should also remember to feature the event ahead of schedule on your website and social handles for maximum impact. This move can help increase brand awareness which is essential to increasing your traffic.


Developing and sustaining your startup business is highly dependent on your marketing strategies. You need to come up with creative and cost-effective approaches to drive traffic to your business. This way, you can ensure sustainability and growth

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