‘Education can’t be moulded on the concept of one-size-fits-all’

Source | | Vamsi Krishna

Our journey began in small-town India, specifically in Barnala in the state of Punjab. Let’s rewind to 2005 when access to quality education was a challenge in smaller markets. I, along with Saurabh Saxena, Pulkit Jain, Anand Prakash, had just graduated from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), and were determined to help young students access quality education. We launched our first venture Lakshya in 2006, which was a test-prep company. Out of the 35 students we coached, 11 cleared the entrance examination for IIT! Motivated by this success, we wanted to reach out to students from across the country. However, we realized that building scale of this nature would be a huge challenge if we restricted our services to offline coaching.

We knew that online was the only plausible solution to reach out to students across India. This led to the launch of Vedantu, an all-inclusive platform to reach out to a larger audience. Having addressed the challenges of the offline model through our holistic online platform, we started working on our next big idea to address two main problems—affordability and accessibility to quality learning in even the remotest parts of the country. After years of deep research in the field of Live Online Teaching and Learning, we launched WAVE, a personalized teaching and learning platform. We designed the platform to make Live classes extremely engaging and fun on a one-to-many model. This was our “click moment”.

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