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Effective Tips To Improve Productivity Of Your Cross-Functional Team

By | Annie Megan

In today’s corporate world, companies are no longer using the old and outdated hierarchy system of management, where decision-making power is on top of the hierarchy. The organizations are now shifting towards cross-functional teams, where the power of judgment is distributed amongst the groups and associates.


A cross-functional team improves the ability of a company to meet its production and demands. Companies that encourage cross-functional teamwork can improve employees’ job satisfaction, leading to an increase in their productivity and performance. If cross-functional projects have strong support from upper management, they have a chance of getting a 76-percent success rate.

Tips To Improve Productivity Of Your Cross-Functional Team

In this competitive era, cross-functional teams are a real necessity these days, A cross-team collaboration keeps everyone in line with the goal of the organization and improves cooperation between different departments.

Below are some effective tips that can improve the productivity and performance of your cross-functional team.

1. Establish A Leader

Having a leader in a cross-functional team is not a necessity, but the benefits usually outweigh the risks. Though each and every member of the team needs to take responsibility, it is important to find such leaders who ensure accountability and can develop self-leaders out of each team member.

Strong communication, mutual understanding, strong bond, clarity in goals, flexibility, and accountability are some of the traits that you need to find in a person to lead a cross-functional team.

A cross-functional leader should think systemically, thus being able to analyze market trends and patterns to understand his own organization’s dynamics. Moreover, he or she should be resourceful to back up his team’s needs.

2. Assemble The Team With Right Team Members

In this advanced age of technology, companies are finding it harder and harder to put the right people into the right jobs. Teams can either make a project or can break it. This is why it is so important to invest in building teams with the combination of the right people.

To be an effective cross-functional team, a set of skills are required. On every task assigned, a range of expertise is needed, therefore, a task can only be accomplished when a cross-functional team has people on it who have the skills needed. Apart from that, personalities are also an important factor. Teams work more effectively when the right people are working together.

3. Set Objectives For Your Team

Managing a cross-functional team requires strong leadership skills. The leader needs to know where the team is headed. Just like any other team, if the cross-functional team is not given any set of goals, they will find themselves going off in directions leading to a dead end.

The secret to success is setting the right goals. Therefore, it is important to set the right goals for the teams and while setting goals, the leader needs to have a clear focus in order to have successful collaborations in the workplace. In this way, team members will be able to go off on their own with greater autonomy, knowing what is expected from them and what resources they can utilize to achieve those expectations.

4. Have Strong Communication With The Team Members

According to a study, 96% of managers lack effective communication that results in workplace failures. Team members often become frustrated when they are not updated with the progress of the rest of the members of the team on cross-collaborative projects. Their productivity is affected due to a lack of communication.

Similarly, when needed to make a decision, it important to have the input of each and every member of the cross-functional team. At times like these, different tools and apps like zoom, google hangouts meet and team viewer can help the members to stay connected.

In the same way, apps like Trello, Asana, and Proof hub can help the cross-functional teams monitor their workflow at a glance. Though effective remote communication skills are mandatory in workplaces, they become a necessity while working with cross-functional teams.

5. Reward The Team Members

When you have a cross-functional team, you have different team members working on different goals, but their shared success leads to the overall success of the project.

To improve the productivity of any cross-functional team, it is important to reward the team members with incentives for their success. Employee rewards and perks increase the productivity of team members and create positive reinforcement, thus building more stronger teams and creating a higher project success rate.

6. Constantly Revaluate The Cross-Functional Team

The beauty of any cross-functional team lies in their ability to adjust to any working environment. They are more adaptive to change. A cross-functional team can speed innovations to market. Hence, to achieve that goal, there is always a need for constant re-evaluation.


Re-evaluation includes performance reviews and assessments. At the end of each project, through re-evaluation, a cross-functional team is able to measure its progress and success and objectives and goals achieved, and in times of failure, reasons for failure are identified to prevent future failures.

There are multiple tools like Time Doctor, Grammarly, dissertation editing services, that can help you evaluate the performance of your team.

In A Nutshell

Cross-functional teams are now an integral part of every other organization. Cross-functional collaboration can be a great team-building step and can build a more inventive atmosphere. Though they are time and effort taking, they are worthy and full of rewards.

Author Bio:

Annie Megan is a tech-geek and currently works as a Business Manager at Assignment Guarantee, where students acquire essay help UK. She also shares her views by writing platforms on different platforms. Annie loves to travel.





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