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4 Effective Ways Courageous People Can Succeed In Tough Times

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It took courage to tell my parents that I was transferring from the University of Wyoming to an out-of-state college in Arizona. It took courage to pull a loaded weapon from my holster and say these four little words: “FBI. You’re under arrest.” It took courage to retire from 24 years as an FBI agent and start a new career as a writer and artist.

I suspect that you, too, have pulled yourself up by the bootstraps at some point in life and summoned the courage to do something different as you pursued a path into the unknown. That’s a good thing because we will all need to be courageous as we find ourselves at an inflection point in history where our path into the future might feel more like wandering the wilderness than it did Before Covid (B.C.) 

I have always loved history and have been fascinated by how people find their courage when the odds are against them. They found ways to land on their feet when confronted with the unknown; and when their circumstances demanded courage if they wanted to succeed in tough times.

Courageous people are defined by tough times. This is when they lean into their inner toughness for the grit they need to move ahead. They choose not to become a victim of their circumstances, no matter how hard it got.

One of the greatest leaders of all time was Genghis Khan. He conquered substantial portions of Central Europe and China to create the largest empire in history.

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