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5 Effective Ways to Recruit Students

By | Jessica Fender | Student recruitment expert

Most top schools around the world get tons of applications from enthusiastic graduates. As such, the best colleges and universities do not need to go out of their way to acquire talented and hardworking students. However, the reverse is the case for the less prestigious schools. A recruiter or a recruitment unit within the school has to actively search for learners. This situation is especially true for newer schools that have not yet made a name for themselves.

If you are the best international school in Singapore, you do not have to actively worry about recruiting the best students. This is why some of the most famous and well-established educational institutions are able to attract the best students just on the basis of their heritage, branding, faculty members and infrastructure. However, the rest of the schools and educational institutions that are vying for students need to follow the steps and strategies that have been listed down in the following sections of this article. 

In general, student recruitment is a lot of work. You will primarily compete with several other schools looking to admit students from a common pool. For this reason, many colleges expand their reach to the international scene. Several techniques are used to attract students. In this article, you will learn about 5 effective ways to recruit students into a university or college.

1. Develop an Effective Social media Strategy

Nowadays, you can hardly do anything without social media. Various media platforms let you reach people from all around the world, especially the younger generation. These social channels give you the ability to create content that will attract potential learners to apply to your school.

However, uploading content onto social media sites is the easy part. You need to create a strong message capable of convincing people of the quality of your service. For this, you will want to rely on good content writers. When students find it difficult to do high-quality writing, they contact for their essays. This platform has expert writers with extensive experience writing academic content.

2. Use a Quality Admissions Application

If your school does not have admissions software, it is about time you invest in one. If you already have such an application, you may want to improve it through regular software updates. In either case, having a functional admissions application makes the student recruitment process easy and successful. Applicants can seamlessly apply to your institution following easy systematic steps. In addition, all stakeholders can access the process and can provide support or expertise when required.

A student can directly communicate with the admissions office when looking for information within the application platform. Likewise, it should include an option that allows for enrollment into open days and similar events that allow students to interact with faculty members. It should highlight the benefits of preparing for college through enrollment in advanced classes. Overall, you should provide all information to make college life easier for a prospective student.

3. Organize Quality Recruitment Events

A recruitment event is an open day. It is an occasion that lets you invite prospective students to your school. Therefore, you will need to create a conducive environment that makes them feel welcome on the campus. In addition, you need to have experienced professors and administrative staff on hand to answer questions about:

  • Admissions process.
  • Accommodation.
  • Tuition.
  • School facilities.
  • Major and minor options.

As for graduate or international students, you may not be able to run an on-campus event. Therefore, you should have representatives in strategic locations across the globe. You will want your agents to have the requisite skills to make for better future students. Additionally, these reps should organize meet-ups to keep potential applicants informed. You should also try virtual recruitment, as it can yield unexpected results with no extra cost.

4. Leverage Existing Students

One of the best ways of recruiting new students is to get your existing students to share their experiences. People enrolled in your school are usually in the position to help spread the information about your institution. You may want to have students speak directly to potential applicants. Doing this can help candidates access first-hand information.

Another valuable way of getting feedback about your school from your students or alumni is by administering periodic surveys. These evaluations may refer to course content, lecture delivery quality, and general satisfaction. From these details, you can improve the information you offer to applicants, thereby improving the overall outlook of your school.

5. Ensure Consistency

After implementing the previously mentioned ways of recruiting learners, you will need to be consistent. Consistency helps you guide students through their application process. Similarly, the said process should be simple and straightforward. Also, the college tech team should implement an automated system that ensures consistent reminders in the form of emails.


There are several ways of recruiting students. You may want to use social media to attract potential applicants and get some quality application software to streamline the process. In addition, you should leverage the open days and get existing students to reach out to potential new learners. Finally, ensure consistency at each stage of the application process. Following these tips will help you streamline the recruitment process and get effortlessly attract new students.

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Jessica Fender is a student recruitment expert. In addition, she writes content on student-related topics. Jessica has also published several editorials in recruitment magazines.

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