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Looking for ways to enrich your talent pipeline? Want to reach more qualified candidates? Attracting top industry talent starts with creating a good candidate experience that guides the candidate throughout the recruitment lifecycle with ease.

According to a recent survey conducted by a staffing agency, the candidate experience plays an influential role in the candidate’s decision to apply.

Here’s why:

•    93% job seekers stated that unclear instructions are the primary cause of a negative experience;
•    More than 90% job seekers cited that clear communication during the recruitment lifecycle would have significantly improved their experience with the employer; and
•    74% applicants said that a clearly defined hiring timeline is essential for improving the candidate experience.

Other reasons that negatively influence the applicant experience are the inability of the recruiter to inform the candidate about the interview schedule, failure to send confirmation emails, not informing candidates regarding filled positions and lack of coordination. Using an applicant tracking system can help recruiters avoid all the causes of negative candidate experiences while ensuring that they set a positive tone. This works to keep every candidate informed and engaged till you bring them onboard. Here are eight things that make a great hiring experience for job seekers:

1.    Making the application process simpler

A lengthy application form with vague instructions is sure to drive your candidates away. An applicant tracking system comes with the flexibility to create a customised application form for every job category so you can get the exact information you need – neither too much, nor too little. ATS enables you to make the application process quick and easy by eliminating redundancy and capturing just the data you need to filter the right fit. Using ATS, you can create extra fields, change their length and also add a questionnaire to your standard format to make it more relevant and easy to fill.

2.    Conducting background verifications with sensitivity

Background checks are the most challenging aspect of the recruitment lifecycle when you have to keep up with the latest industry legislations and stay compliant. A safe way is to sign up for the services of a screening partner and integrate the process with your ATS. The speed and ease of use that accompanies an ATS makes background screenings fair and accurate. This facilitates informed placement decisions while avoiding litigation that results from data breaches. When the screening firm and ATS are integrated and protected with multi-layered data security, the entire process is optimised.

3.    Being prompt and proactive during the hiring process

Keeping in constant touch with candidates will keep them interested and away from your competition. With an ATS, it is easy to inform candidates about interview schedules and their status in the recruitment cycle. With an ATS it is possible to schedule bulk interviews and notify candidates in an instant. It eliminates the need to inform candidates through emails and phone calls while eliminating the possibility of miscommunication and missing out on top talent.

4.    Keeping the candidate updated at every step

The speed of communication offered by an ATS is an obvious advantage for hiring managers. It automatically notifies the candidate when he/she is moved from one stage to another during the recruitment process. From interview schedules to status updates, every move is conveyed in real-time to keep prospects involved and informed at every step.

5.    Automating emails for a smoother placement

ATS sends out automatic emails at every stage in the recruitment process. This consistent communication provides a predefined timeline to job seekers where their progress and the hiring decisions that are taken at every stage. This improves coordination and gives the applicant a clear idea of the hiring procedures and increases the chances of successful placements.

6.    Staying accessible and responsive from beginning to end

From sending a personalised email to every candidate and acknowledging their application to communicating a clear timeline, an ATS ensures that the recruiter is consistently communicating at every stage. When candidates are aware of where they stand in the recruitment lifecycle and are given instant feedback, it ensures that every candidate whether selected or rejected has a positive experience.

7.    Making it easy for your A players to find you with an easy-to-navigate careers site

Careers site is the most popular and preferred mode of application for job seekers. Using ATS, recruiters can custom-design a careers site that complements the look and feel of the company’s website. This conveys a professional image and the user-friendly features of the careers site make it easy for prospective candidates to find you online and apply with ease. The careers site can be wisely used to reflect your company culture, the pros of working with you and things that make you a go-to employer for job seekers.

8.    Turning your Facebook page into a fully-loaded talent sourcing platform

ATS lets you connect with a massive user-base on Facebook. All you need to do is share your employment opportunities using the careers tab. This makes it convenient for your prospective candidates to apply for openings in your organisation and helps you leverage your social profile to target quality candidates. Using social media platforms for recruiting will not only expand your reach but also bring in more referrals.

The way your candidates are treated during the recruitment process plays a decisive role in their final decision. Candidates only seek timely communication and clear feedback which can be easily provided with a feature-rich ATS. It automates the hiring process, saves time and keeps your candidates updated throughout. With an applicant tracking system, recruiters never miss out on opportunities to attract, engage and hire top talent. The ease of use and end-to-end visibility of an applicant tracking system increases the efficiency of recruiters and improves the candidate experience by allowing an attentive approach that fully engages with every aspect of an applicant’s profile. Streamline your workflow with an ATS today and keep your prospects from going elsewhere.

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