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Eight Predictions on How Technology Will Continue to Change Our Lives in the Coming Year

Source | | Dr. Werner Vogels, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer,

Prediction One: Cloud will be everywhere

The days of all cloud capabilities being centralized in data centers are beginning to disappear. You can find cloud-based applications helping to boost the performance of ships out at sea, aircraft traversing the sky, and in our cars and homes. Access to the compute and storage of the cloud is spreading out of dense data centers and reaching into rural communities, remote wilderness, and even nearearth orbit. Practically speaking, the cloud is going everywhere.

Today, AWS has regions and Points of Presence (PoPs) that enable cloud technologies to be closer than ever to customers across the world. Customers are deploying devices like AWS Snowball to gather petabytes of data from the slopes of volcanoes in Hawaii and research centers in Antarctica. AWS Outposts, which extend cloud infrastructure and tools into our customer’s buildings, and AWS Local Zones, which put select infrastructure close to where customers need it, are helping those in urban areas to rapidly shrink their cumbersome datacenters. With AWS IoT Greengrass, edge devices can connect with each other, whether that is from inside someone’s kitchen or from the handlebars of a cycle in the gym. As 5G networks expand, operators are deploying Wavelength Zones so application traffic from 5G devices can take full advantage of the low latency and high bandwidth. And when fast connections to the cloud are pushed to the farthest edges of the network, great things can happen.

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