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Eli Finkel: “How The Best Marriages Work” | Talks at Google

Learn about the history of marriage, why love is only a recent addition to the marriage equation, and how you can incorporate #lovehacks to improve your relationships!

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Moderated by Logan Ury.


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  1. It was tolerable until minute 51 when he starts talking about the stress of both rich and poor as if they are two equally weighted items… I find it so unfortunate that the same person talking about about the" theme of a human condition" —fails to acknowledge and properly value the human condition. Poor couples navigate the FEELING of stress AND the REALITY of immobility that comes with being poor or financially dependent. LMAO poverty isn't that bad according to the data … but the NYT critique was unfair?? Poverty isn't that bad.. but listen to me share how i suffered male post partum….. Nothing worse than some one who's always bringing up their "data" to prove points they cant defend.. With this "data" they have to share later lol. …

  2. Liberal bias detected. Poor people have worse marriages for the same reason they are poor to begin with. They make poor decisions..

    Government intervention only makes this worse. As a proof just check single motherhood.

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