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Eliminate these 11 phrases that ‘make people question your credibility,’ says public speaking expert

By | Christina Helena |

As a public speaking expert, I’ve spent over a decade working with executives and leaders from major companies like GoogleFacebook and LinkedIn. My advice to them is always: Less is more.

Being too wordy dilutes your message and presence. Instead of using weak filler words, silence is sometimes best; it allows you to pause and think, while letting the audience process what you’re saying.

To build trust, avoid these 11 words and phrases that make people question your credibility and respect you less:

1. “Um”

This is the most common crutch word. It suggests that you’re unprepared, lack confidence, or at loss of what to say next.

2. “In all honesty”

People use “in all honesty” or “I’m not going to lie to you” to convey sincerity, although it could be read as the opposite.

The audience already knows that your intention is to tell the truth. Reiterating it will only make them question why you’re trying to assure them of your honesty.

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