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Embracing the Divine Feminine Power Within Us All

Source | | Deepak Chopra

One feels a change in the wind that has been a long time coming. There has been an awakening that has brought on a call to attain and embrace social equity and justice. The fault lines are related to race, socioeconomics, and gender. This change we sense around us is brought on by a rise in embracing feminine energy, a potent energy that goes beyond political and social factors. There is something deeply spiritual stirring.

Let’s approach feminine energy as a universal quality in consciousness. This quality is divine and has been part of every spiritual tradition, yet each generation has to reinterpret it. At the moment, embedded in a secular society where daily demands and distractions are the rule, connecting with the Divine Feminine requires going deeper into our self-awareness.

Awakening to The Divine Feminine

Beyond constructs of gender, everyone’s source is pure awareness. When pure awareness manifests into creation, gender isn’t in evidence, nor are many of the labels we take on in our physical manifestation. When you wake up from deep sleep and become aware of your existence, the experience has no labels. The division between masculine and feminine enters in a social context, defined by the beliefs, attitudes, and mental conditioning of yourself and the world around you. To be confined in a solely binary experience of gender is a creation of many factors, going far beyond the physiological.

The Divine Feminine isn’t to be confused with gender or restricted to women, because in reality the Divine Feminine is part of everyone’s wholeness. When we divide all human experiences into the narrow categories of women and men, we lose the opportunity to access wholeness. In order to truly love all people, and for them to love themselves, we each must nurture the universal values that belong to the Divine Feminine. Every human quality that we cherish has a pure source, and the closer you are to the source, the more intense, personal, and lasting your values will be.

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